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About Vivian

Concept Artist, 3D Modeler & Game Dev

Hello, I'm Vivian! I'm a 21 year old Latina living in California. I'm from Texas! I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. My biggest inspirations as a developing artist was Nintendo and Roblox.


I am currently working on my game Mermaid Life as the Art Lead. I'm also working with Roblox under contract to create virtual fashion for music artists joining the online metaverse. All of this is being balanced with making my own virtual fashion accessories that millions of players have already bought!

More about me:

Right before I turned 18, I moved to San Mateo, California to become a Roblox Accelerator. That was my first Roblox internship in the Summer of 2018. That was later followed by a Roblox Marketing internship in the Summer of 2019, directly followed by being an Accelerator again in Fall 2019. During my Marketing internship I was able to work with the company in-house to provide input on events like the Bloxys, RDC, and LiveOps.

I've contributed to multiple games since starting development. Some of the most notable being Vesteria, Royale High, and Adopt Me! Aside from game dev, I was also selected to be one of the first UGC creators on the platform. You can find and purchase my accessories for your avatar to wear hereyou can also check out my 3D modeling in the tabs under "Work".

In 2020, I worked directly with Roblox to concept, 3D model and texture wearable accessories for a charity event in partnership with Make-A-Wish and Code.Org to promote the Bloxy Awards event. In late 2020, I worked with Roblox again to create more free accessories for the Ready Player Two event, a live mystery hunt for 7 relics to promote Ernest Cline's new book.

Most recently in early 2021, I worked on the Metaverse Champions event team to concept official Roblox heroes, developed a scenic jungle hub environment, and concepted/modeled some earnable accessories for players of the event. In late 2021, I worked with music artists like Lil Nas X, Poppy, and Zara Larsson to bring their virtual fashion into Roblox.

During my first Accelerator I worked on "Bittersweet", a 5v5 colorful MOBA, on my second Accelerator, I worked with a team of 3 others to create Mermaid Life, a customization-heavy roleplay game where you can explore the world and help the environment as a mermaid.

My character, EvilArtist, is a Roblox toy for Celebrity Series 1. I made two other toys too, Helionar and Ruby Wake, from Bittersweet! (Celebrity series 3) I've been nominated for a few Bloxy Awards and won for my contributions to Vesteria.

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